Hydraulic Core Stripper

Don't Waste It, Strip It, with CORESTRIPPER.COM

Recycle the valuable material remaining on your cores at the center of the rolls of paper, film, foil, non-woven, noise suppression wrap and other materials. 

If personnel are cleaning cores manually with razor knives and/or power saws, you’re wasting production time, while placing your employees at risk for serious injuries.

Speed up the process with one of our 5 Core Stripper models that are proudly built in the USA.

The 5 CORESTRIPPER.COM Models Combine Efficiency and Safety

Core strippers, also referred to as roll cutters, automate the process of removing remaining valuable material from the core. Core stripping machines turn a time-consuming and potentially hazardous chore into a short, simple and safe routine that can be performed by one employee in significantly less time.

CORESTRIPPER.COM makes the process simple and safe

  • An employee loads the core with the remaining material on the mandrel of the core stripper. (The core stripper will not function unless the the mandrel is locked in place on the model CS42, CS54, and CS66)
  • The employee initiates the knife cycle. (The core stripper will not function unless both hands are used to activate the cycle.)
  • A few seconds later, when the material has been removed by the knife, the employee removes the stripped core, which can be reused in production and the stripped material recycled.

The specifications for the 5 different core stripper models can be found on our equipment page.

Please feel free to call or email us to discuss the best model to fit your specific needs.